What Your Wallet Says About You

If you have an old wallet that is crumpled with spare keys, rewards cards, credit cards and receipts, then you shouldn’t be surprised if you are having some troubles with your finances. And if you pay more attention to it and the way it is organized, you will be more responsible, organized and with more money! In general, people with more organized wallets keep records neat for tax purposes and track their expenses, which in turn save them a lot of money!

The design of the wallet and the way you treat it can reveal a lot of things about you! 

  • The Classic 

The classic, black leather wallets look great with almost everything and are reliable. They can be dressed up with more elegant and formal outfit, but they can also be part of more casual combinations with jeans. If you are one-wallet kind of a person than you probably choose one clean and shiny leather design. To add more drama to your look, choose some other color, such as brown, navy or olive. But all in all, you can’t go wrong with a black one. You can head to http://www.oleksynprannyk.com/product-category/wallets/ to find a wallet that would be perfect for you. OleksynPrannyk offers personalized leather wallets and I’m sure that you will like all of them.

What Your Wallet Says About You

  • Patterned Wallets 

The patterned designs are usually worn by teenagers hanging around skateparks. Camouflage, swirls, anime, stripes and checkered are one of the most popular prints among them. Unless you are a teen or you still feel childish, I advise you to skip such wallets.

  • Zip-Up Wallets

If you lost a fortune in the past, you probably now have a zip-up wallets. This design is perfect for people who don’t want any of the items in the pocket including the money to fall out.

  • Money Clip

Funny, but true – if you are using a money clip you probably are a drug dealer.

  • Card Holder

If you have a card holder, then you probably haven’t touch real cash more than 10 years. And yeah, you are definitely not like the regular broke boys or girls.

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