Residential Renovation: 5 Changes to Completely Revitalise Your Garden

Residential Renovation: 5 Changes to Completely Revitalise Your Garden

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If the condition of your garden fails to raise a smile, it could be time to make some big changes. It is the perfect season for getting up close and personal with the earth; whether you’re planting colourful flowers or laying the foundation for a beautiful lawn. In fact, you don’t even have to put all of the work in yourself to create a gorgeous garden.

There are plenty of great landscape designers in Australia and, if you don’t fancy taking on the job yourself, you can always get a local team to do it. Sometimes, an outdoor space needs more than just a trim and a prune. If there is decking to be laid, trees to be planted, or paving stones to be set, getting help from the professionals is a good idea.

These creative landscaping ideas will give you some inspiration and put your yard on a fast track to summer success.

Boxwood Hedges

If you have a fairly sizeable garden, you probably have enough space to create a number of little areas and secret corners. For instance, low boxwood hedges are an effective way to guide winding stone and gravel paths. They sit close to the ground and can be curved at the edges for that fairy tale vibe.

Espalier Designs

For something very unique indeed, you could try experimenting with espalier arrangements. This is a type of ornamental shrub or fruit tree that is trained to grow flat against a wall or against a sturdy lattice. The great thing about espalier is that, if you pick a plant with thin, sparse branches, you can actually carve them into pretty designs. It is a lot simpler than it looks too; they only need pruning twice per year.

Island Flower Beds

Most homeowners restrict their flowerbeds to simple strip formations alongside the borders of the garden. However, there is no rule against creating a vibrant, colourful bed right in the centre of the lawn. This works best with fairly spacious lawns that need a little extra sparkle. You’ll have to keep the lawn neat and tidy too. Otherwise, it will start to creep onto your flowers.

A Natural Walkway

Then again, not everybody is so keen on the perfectly manicured look. You might be more interested in something a little rugged and wild. If you are, this is a pretty neat trick. You can leave a patch of your garden grass to grow out long and unruly. It is even better if you can plant pretty wildflowers and replicate the aesthetic of a summer meadow. Then, use a mower to create a neat, winding path through the middle and connect your wilderness with another part of the yard.

Mulch Protection

Mulch, in the form of things like wood chips, is a very effective way to protect flowerbeds and borders from the elements. In countries like Australia especially, where it is very hot, an organic covering is needed to prevent all of the moisture from being sucked right out of the earth. Mulch also prevents weeds from creeping into flower beds. It is very affordable, low maintenance, and completely natural.

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for Garden Transformations

If you really want to get ahead, you need to start in early spring, just after the cold weather has started to dissipate. For newbies and rookie gardeners, however, summer is still a really good time to start experimenting with outdoor designs and techniques. You can swat up and practice on your flower and vine varieties this season so that you know exactly how and when to plant them when spring rolls around. Or, you can cheat and just call in the green-fingered gardening professionals.   

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