Amazing Accessories to Make You Shine on Your Wedding Day

Amazing Accessories to Make You Shine on Your Wedding Day
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There never seems to be enough time to plan your wedding no matter how early you start browsing through bridal catalogues and looking at venue pictures. And every bride-to-be knows that the day of her wedding is going to have all eyes staring directly at her, so there’s a lot of pressure to look perfect. But if your wedding day is coming up, you should also remember that it’s important to enjoy the happy event as much as you can. So if you just try to stop thinking about the seating charts, flower arrangements and wedding menu for a few seconds and focus on what will make you happy on that very important day, it might go smoother than you’d expect.

As stressful as the big day can be for a bride, it’s important that you include a few special things in the whole ceremony that will make you remember and enjoy your wedding even more. There are more than a few wedding traditions that you can include and a few vital accessories that you should definitely get to make you feel unique and brighten up your big moment. So you can try to accessorize by putting a modern and trendy twist on the classic “Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue”.

Something old can add a vintage twist to your look

Many brides still love the idea of a vintage influence in their wedding decorum since the trend seems to have become more popular in recent years. So you can keep in touch with the tradition of wearing something old on your special day by adding something like a family heirloom or memento to your attire. Be creative about it, as long as it’s old and has some sentimental value to you, it’ll be fun to incorporate it into your outfit. If you have something like a broche you can pin it to your dress or clutch but if you don’t really have a favorite family jewel that has been passed down from generation to generation don’t despair, you can always create your own special token.

Try to keep an open mind: you can use a pendant, a small locket or any kind of symbolic thing you like. If you don’t have one you can always put some old family photos in a locket instead and carry it with you. And while you may not be able to wear it with your wedding jewelry if it won’t match, you can get a pearl necklace and add it to it, then tie the pearls around your flower bouquet, your purse or even loosely around your neck. Wearing pearls always add a classic, vintage feel to your look and go well with other jewelry or decorations you might want to wear.

Something new can define your style

Wearing something new is exciting, whether it’s the dress, the shoes or the tiara, you just know a shopping spree is going to be one of the best parts of your wedding experience. And while you may want to wear something old and something borrowed in order to respect traditions or honor your family by showing off some of their gifts, there will always be something new you will need to buy for your wedding day. So even if what’s new about your wedding outfit is the veil, the dress, the shoes or anything else, just make sure it represents your own style and lets your personality shine.

Something borrowed is a lovely challenge

Many brides choose to wear something borrowed from their families or friends for their wedding day. It’s not only to honor the tradition but often times women also want to have something special with them to remind them of loved ones on their big day. Whether it’s family jewelry or a veil that a friend had on their wedding day and you loved, something borrowed will be lovely to integrate into your wedding day look. As long as you love it and you can work it into your theme, don’t be afraid to use it. Many brides wear borrowed vintage veils since they never seem to go out of style but if you can’t or don’t want to do that you can also look into vintage clutches or hairpieces your family members may have lying around. They are usually items that you can pair up with many dress styles and themes.

Something blue can make your look trendy and fresh

With all the white accessories brides traditionally have on their wedding day, it’s a nice touch to add something blue since it symbolizes purity and love and also gives your wedding decorum a trendy feel. Don’t be scared to get creative about using some blue in anything from your wedding decorations to your shoes. There’s really no limit to what you can do with some nice blue ribbons or gems on your wedding day. Many brides wear a blue garter but that’s not some unwritten rule. You can use black gems in your hairpieces or wedding jewelry, incorporate the color into your decorations or even try a hint of blue on your shoes. You can also try to work some pale blue into your makeup or nails if you’re a big fan of the color, but trust your stylist to know what’s best since you don’t want to look too flashy and blue can be a strong color.

A penny in your shoe might sound odd, but it’s tradition

Seriously, that’s how the rhyme goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in her shoe”. It means that brides should put a penny in one of their shoes for good luck and prosperity. Now if you don’t want to walk around all day with pennies flying around your heels don’t stress about it, it’s just and old rhyme. But if you want to incorporate the classic penny into your wedding outfit for good luck, you can always work it in with a bit of inspiration.

Don’t want to glue it to your shoes? That’s understandable. You can put it on a string of pearls and tie it around your bouquet, your ankles or even your shoes or purse. Pearls usually work great with most wedding themes and are classic and discrete so they won’t stand out too much but will add a nice touch to your accessories. Ribbons can also be a great option as long as, regardless of what you choose, you make sure you make a hole in the penny so you can tie it to whatever you like. So, just like you can do with lockets or tokens, there are options to discretely display a penny on your wedding day outfit for good luck.

Amazing Accessories to Make You Shine on Your Wedding Day
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